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Regional Canola Associations

Northern Canola Growers Association
Based in Bismarck, N.D., the NCGA promotes efficient canola production in North Dakota through farmer education, public and private research, labeling and registration of crop protection products. It promotes uniform seed and product standards and works to implement state agricultural policies that will enhance development of the industry.

Great Plains Canola Association
The GPCA works to increase canola acreage and consumption in the Great Plains, providing grower education, research support, industry news and information about canola programs.

Great Lakes Canola Association
The GLCA from five regional extension offices affiliated with Michigan State University, Ohio State University, Purdue, Southern Illinois University and Virginia State University.

University Canola Research Programs

North Central Canola Research
Learn about research projects funded by the National Canola Research Program in the Northern Plains.

OKanola Program
Managed by Oklahoma State University, this website offers Great Plains canola production tips, variety trial results, industry contacts and summaries of National Canola Research Program projects in the region.

Kansas State University

KSU extension offers a Great Plains Canola Production Guide and results of the annual National Winter Canola Variety Trial.

University of Arkansas Canola Breeding Project

The university extension website covers canola breeding and production in Arkansas.

University of Idaho

This website details National Canola Research Program projects in the Pacific northwest, such as the development of genetically superior Brassica oilseed and condiment mustard cultivars.

University of Idaho Biodiesel Education Program
This program is committed to providing science-based information about biodiesel for producers and distributors, fleet operators, farmers and feedstock producers, policy makers and consumers.

University of Georgia Canola Production Guide

This website features information on canola production, marketing and economics in Georgia, including local variety trial data.

Washington State University
An overview of a project that aims to evaluate and adapt alternative crop feedstocks with the goal of integrating them into existing cropping systems, and producing them economically and environmentally sustainable without outcompeting the goal of food production.

Health Organizations Recommending Canola Oil

American Academy of Family Physicians
This website for primary care doctors offers a primer on dietary fats.

American Diabetes Association
This consumer-oriented website discusses which foods contain different types of fats.

American Dietetic Association
Consumer information covers why certain types of fat are either heart-healthy or heart-breaking.

American Heart Association
This consumer-friendly website offers an entire section about dietary fats, including the Bad Fats Brothers and Better Fats Sisters cartoon characters as well as restaurant resources.

Canadian Canola Organizations

Canola Council of Canada
This organization represents the Canadian canola industry, offering practical and technical information about canola production and products as well as a supplier list and downloadable images.

This website is a consumer-friendly information source about canola oil — from farm to fork —
showcasing health and culinary benefits, news summaries and recipes.

Canola Biodiesel
The latest news regarding the development and use of canola biodiesel in Canada is featured here.

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