Government Affairs

U.S. CapitolUSCA activities help remove federal barriers to produce canola and create incentives for producing more of it. These efforts include:

  • Equalizing farm program eligibility and benefits
  • Establishing and expanding crop insurance coverage for spring and winter canola
  • Expanding the availability of crop protection products
  • Increasing canola research funding
  • Working closely with members of Congress from canola-producing states
  • Meeting regularly with Congressional staff involved in agriculture
  • Participating in agriculture-related hearings, sometimes with testimonials
  • Submitting comments on canola-related policy initiatives and proposals
  • Hosting an annual "Canola on Capitol Hill" reception

Key legislative issues for the USCA include crop insurance, bioenergy and crop protection. In addition, it is actively involved in ongoing legislation that may affect canola crops or products, such as the farm bill and Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


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