National Canola Research Conference Coming to Baltimore

Posted: 7/29/2018

By Mike Stamm

If you’ve been wondering what canola researchers have been up to the past four years, you’re about to find out at the National Canola Research Conference (NCRC) in Baltimore, Md. Nov. 5-6. The conference is held every four years in conjunction with the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) and Crop Science Society of America (CSSA) Annual Meetings.

The NCRC provides an opportunity for canola enthusiasts to showcase their work to the broader agronomy and crop science research communities. It also elevates the status of canola as a prominent cash crop, and promotes its agronomic benefits to crop rotation. Finally, the NCRC allows researchers to discuss and collaborate on new research topics. 

The NCRC will begin with a welcome reception for all presenters and participants on the evening of Sunday, Nov. 4. Research presentations will begin Monday, Nov. 5 and consist of two symposia, four volunteer presentation sessions and a general poster session. 

The symposia will feature invited speakers on research related to human health and agronomy on the first symposium will cover cutting edge canola oil research and its positive outcomes to health featuring speakers from the University of Manitoba and St. Boniface Research Hospital in Manitoba, Canada. The second symposium will address canola production practices and success stories around the world with speakers hailing from Australia, Canada and South America. Oral sessions will immediately follow the symposia, covering topics such as spring and winter canola agronomics, across-discipline canola research, and canola breeding and genetics. 

The poster session will be held Monday evening and the NCRC will end by mid-day Tuesday. Those interested in learning more about the conference may visit

The NCRC would not be possible without strong support from the U.S. Canola Association, canola industry sponsors, and the ASA-CSSA.

Mike Stamm is a canola breeder at Kansas State University based in Manhattan, Kansas.

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