New Technology for Canola Growers Coming to Market in 2019

Posted: 6/29/2018

U.S canola growers will have the opportunity to improve their weed control and yield potential with Monsanto’s next generation canola trait – TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® technology – in time for spring planting in 2019. It will be showcased in stewarded plot trials and field demonstrations this summer. 

TruFlex™ canola will be part of an improved canola system designed for a range of growing conditions.  It will offer farmers several benefits over existing canola technology that include:

•    Improved control of tough weeds. The TruFlex™ canola system will allow for the control of a broad spectrum of tough-to-control weeds including cleavers, foxtail barley and wild buckwheat. It will also help control season-long dandelion. 
•    Flexibility in spray rates and timing. TruFlex™ will enable a wider application window, providing farmers with up to 10-14 more spray days than current technology when applying sequential rates of 0.67 L/acre. And by enabling flexible application rates, it will help farmers choose the right rate for the unique weed challenges they face on their farm.
•    Higher yield potential through genetics and crop safety. New genetics will help deliver higher yield potential. The improved system will also help enable better weed control and crop safety over Genuity® Roundup Ready® canola.

Growers will be impressed with the improved weed control of TruFlex™, including for an additional 24 new weed species and some tough-to-control perennial and annual weeds such as dandelions, foxtail barley and wild buckwheat.  

The increased flexibility provided by the wider window of application will also appeal to canola growers.  We all know that spray season can be stressful.  Whether it’s the wind or rain or all the other jobs that need to get done on the farm, growers are always pressed for time.  TruFlex™ canola will give them anywhere from up to ten to 14 more days to spray without causing harm to the crop.  This helps farmers manage their acres more effectively and deal with those stressful weather conditions that result in late spraying that can negatively impact yield.

Monsanto’s DEKALB® brand will offer two hybrids containing the trait in 2019. These hybrids will have a high level of shatter resistance as well as clubroot and blackleg resistance. DEKALB® is planning to commercialize two TruFlex™ canola hybrids and one LibertyLink® canola hybrid in 2019.  Additional products may be commercialized, pending decisions that will be made after 2018 stewarded trials are completed. These hybrids will have a high level of shatter resistance to enable straight-cutting, as well as clubroot and blackleg resistance.

TruFlex canola has been approved by regulators in both Canada and the U.S. as well as several other export markets. Import approval from China is pending and should be granted in the first quarter of 2019.

To learn more, contact your local DEKALB® account manager or DEKALB® agronomistor visit

David Kelner is Monsanto’s North American canola portfolio manager based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

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