January/February 2008

What’s in Store for Oilseeds in 2008?
Go for the Gold with Canola
Food Versus Fuel in Vegetable Oils
High-Oleic Canola Oil: A Slow Success Story

March/April 2008

Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Canola
Canola Oil-Based Shortening Solutions
Growing Marine Omega-3s in Oilseeds
Forecasting Sclerotinia Stem Rot of Canola Online

September/October 2008

Rocking Out With Rep. Collin Peterson
The 2008 Farm Bill and What it Means to Canola
Presidential Candidates’ Views on Ag Policy
U.S. Restaurants Favor Canola Oil
DHA Canola Oil Today and Tomorrow

November/Decmeber 2008

Breakthrough Uses of Canola
Marketing Health on Food Labels
Former Pilot Founds Canola Biodiesel Company
Qualified Health Claim Benefits Consumers, Industry

What Is Canola?
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