Poster Presentations

 Tuesday, Nov. 2, 4-6 p.m.

William HeerKansas State Univ.U.S. Canola Association's Regional Areas and Research
James DavisUniversity of Idaho icon The Effect of Two Direct Seed Drill Openers, Straw Management, and Seeding Rate On the Performance of Spring Canola and Mustard
Burton JohnsonNorth Dakota State University icon Seeding Date Influence On Winter Canola Performance in North Dakota
Ramesh RavellaNorth Carolina A&T State University icon Agronomic Management Practices to Improve Yield and Oil Content of Winter Canola in North Carolina Piedmont
Denis PageauAgriculture and Agri-Food CanadaEffect of Seeding Date On Spring Canola Production Grown Under a Cool Climate
Stefan GailansIowa State University icon Evaluating the Suitability of Spring Canola in An Alternative Cropping System in Iowa
Jordan HoefingNorth Dakota State Universityicon Impact of Preceding Crops On Incidence and Severity of Disease in Canola
Kim Tungate North Carolina State UniversityWinter Canola Production in North Carolina: Variety, Fertility and Tillage Research
Michael StammNorth Dakota State University icon Comparison of Desiccant Timing and Harvest Method in Canola
Brian Jenks
 North Dakota State Universityicon Comparison of Desiccant Timing and Harvest Method in Canola
Chelsea WalshUniversity of Idaho icon Intercropping Canola and Triticale to Increase Forage Yields
Lindy SeipUniversity of Idaho icon Interspecific and Intergeneric Hybridization Between Brassicaceae Species
Shi HeUniversity of Idaho icon Variation within Progeny Derived From Interspecific and Intergeneric Hybridization Between Brassicaceae Species
Michael StammKansas State University icon Simulated Grazing of Winter Canola
Russell FreedMichigan State University icon Canola Research in Michigan
Donna BrownUniversity of Idaho icon Effects of Brassicaceae Seed Meal-Amended Soil On Germination and Growth of Weed Seeds
Masoud HashemiUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst icon Spring Canola Yield Performance and Nitrogen Use Efficiency Assessment in Massachusetts
Darrin M. HaagensonNorth Dakota State University icon Impact of North Dakota Growing Location On Canola Biodiesel Quality
Anwar Hamama Virginia State University icon Characterization of Total and Individual Sterols in Canola Sprouts
Annie HeiligerColorado State University icon Evaluation of Yield, Yield Components and Oil Content in Brassica napus
Gary P. WilloughbyNorth Dakota State University- North Central Research Extension Center icon Canola Methyl Ester Operation in Northern Climates
Quanzhen WangNorthwest A&F University icon Optimization of Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction From Chicory Root Via Orthogonal Design
Harbans Bhardwaj Virginia State University icon Management of Canola N Fertilization in Virginia
Christopher HolzapfelIndian Head Agricultural Research Foundation icon Cultivars and Pod Sealants for Straight-Combining Canola In Western Canada
Robert BlackshawAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada icon ESN Effects On Canola Establishment, Weed Competition, and Canola Yield in a Four-Year Study
Kenneth HarkerAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada icon Relative Competitive Ability of Canola Cultivars Versus Small-Grain Cereals
Kenneth HarkerAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada icon Factors Influencing Canola Emergence
Mingchu ZhangDepartment of High Latitute Agriculture icon Growing Brassica Rapa in Interior Alaska
Xiying HaoAAFC Lethbridge Research Centre icon Response of Residual Soil Available N Level to Polymer-Coated Urea (ESN) Application in a Canola-Barley Cropping System
Victor MartinKansas State University/Dept. of AgronomyWinter Canola Establishment in the Southern Great Plains
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