USCA Governance

The USCA is overseen by a board of directors comprised of 10 growers from five regions and up to 15 industry representatives. The board has an executive committee that includes the president, immediate past president, first vice president, treasurer, secretary and two appointed industry members. In addition, the USCA has standing committees that oversee each major area of association activity, including:

  • Budget, Finance and Membership. This group develops and recommends annual budgets for USCA operations and direct efforts to finance the cost of activities approved by the board. It also studies and recommends ways of expanding USCA membership and providing members with appropriate information and services.

  • Market Development and Public Relations. This committee's goal is to expand the utilization of and demand for canola products among end-product manufacturers and consumers as well as to increase media and influencer interest in canola. It works to maintain and improve communication with USCA members and the public at large.

  • Research, Technical, Pesticide & Government Relations. This group helps further the development of the canola industry through basic and applied research and technical support efforts, including the development of quality standards. It also recommends positions on issues regarding federal and/or state government activities that have or may have an impact on the growth of the industry.

Members of standing committees are appointed by the executive committee and must be a USCA member. Each committee has one director and may establish subcommittees.

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