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July 2016

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  • Interest in Canola Increases in Willamette Valley
    Posted: 7/29/2016
    The 2016 canola harvest has all but wrapped up in Oregon?s Willamette Valley and it was another good year ? fields averaged 3,000 pounds per acre. But more importantly, it was another year of successful rotational crops for Willamette Valley farmers.
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  • More Washington State Growers Choose Canola, Seek Advice on Blackleg
    Posted: 7/5/2016
    Interest in canola as a rotation crop in the cereal-dominated cropping systems of the Pacific Northwest continues to increase, particularly with depressed wheat prices, and with steady demand from the Pacific Coast Canola processing facility in Warden, Wash. The Crucifer Quarantine enacted last fall, however, has prompted many questions and requests for advice about blackleg from growers and industry.
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