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March 2019

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  • Shut Down Government Foolishness
    Posted: 3/1/2019
    The country?s longest government shutdown in history came to a sputtering close on Jan. 25, costing the U.S. economy an estimated $6 billion and a wave of anxiety among Americans from TSA agents to national park workers to, yes, canola producers. Lawmakers agreed to reopen the government for 21 days to try to reach a deal with President Trump ? and they succeeded in keeping the government functioning ? but the quagmire around border security remains.
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  • Glyphosate Safety: Facts vs. Fiction
    Posted: 3/1/2019
    On Feb. 25, 2019, the first case in the federal multidistrict litigation In re Roundup Products Liability Litigation (MDL) before Judge Vince Chhabria went to trial in San Francisco. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in most Roundup® brand herbicides and other weed-control products.
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